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The entire crypto industry is a very fast developing ecosystem that demands full attention to current trends and adoption. Many individuals in the space like to say that one month in crypto is like one year in the “real world.” The price volatility is one-of-a-kind compared to other industries. But, this also means heightened and exaggerated expectations of every company in the space.

Looking back, at the beginning of the PokerFi organization, we have learned a lot in terms of the NFT ecosystem and how to establish a presence within it. As we have established our marketing efforts, the PK token is being distributed to a wide range of users which includes the current airdrop event. This continuation of the building out of our product and marketing will help us build a sustainable future for currency through Defi and NFTs.

The countless amounts of potential use cases of NFTs can amplify how the world will be changed from these innovations that are happening in this up-and-coming industry. From a marketing aspect, with the addition of this to our products, we are able to cater to the Defi and NFT communities which will allow us to expand without adding many resources in the future. Currently, these specific communities are very active in the space. For example, if you look at most projects in the industry, their communities are very giant in terms of community activity and engagement. This group of people does organic marketing themselves to get the project out there to show their support, which is definitely an important aspect that we’d like to get ahold of. However, our observations have shown that we believe that hype is a necessary aspect for any project to succeed. If a project does not consider price or their community, their token is more likely to fail according to the last 3 years. So, a combination of hype and development is something we are striving to build.

The most important goal of PokerFi is transparent trust. So, by following up on our promises, we believe that we can build a community through a healthy relationship with the community. This is something we cherish and believe will be the main driver of our success. Since, the beginning of the project, which we announced in early 2021, we began the initial sales of our NFT miners and publicly released the platform where everything will be built on and viewed. From the start, we outlined the buildout of a “green” ecosystem to help the crypto space move on from environmentally unfriendly mining practices. In fact, the machine mining that is very similar compared to the Bitcoin system allows for the PK token to be created in the same process but more easily attainable and eco-friendly.

The most important necessity of the platform’s success is customers/users. So, with every move we do, we will be working to create more community members. With this in mind, we believe that the PokerFi business will do very well as we grow.

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What is PokerFi?

🌐 PokerFi is a new type of Bitcoin created with “DeFi+NFT”. PokerFi is a new type of blockchain project, a more environmentally friendly, more decentralized, more secure, and more decentralized new bitcoin currency system established through NFT.